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- Misho Milicevic

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expand your horizons

Design Your Life The Way You Want It To Be

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- Misho Milicevic

expand your horizons

Design Your Life The Way You Want It To Be

About Me

MEet The creator.

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I was put on this earth to serve humanity while developing myself to serve my highest potential.There's several ways I've been called to do this.

  • Rule Your Reality: Through these programs I serve people on an individual level and open peoples' minds and hearts to their own potential. We build a better world together by raising the bar in our own lives.

  • ​​Driving Force Movement: This is a movement to bring people together and wake them up. This is a heart centred movement and our goal is to open peoples' hearts to the love we share and the possibilities we can create together.

  • Solutions 4 Humanity: This passion project is all about creating large-scale solutions for the human race at large and building platforms that our growing communities and tribes can use to collaborate together and find solutions and build action plans to bring them to life.

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Take The Leap

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Begin Your Journey

Work With Me

My services.

I'm here to serve YOU. I'll go above and beyond to provide everything I can to help you along your personal journey.

  • Academy: Go ALL IN with the deep truths about reality and your place in it! A full immersive program that will take you from wherever you are to becoming an unstoppable force of nature!
  • Mini Program: Get a jump start with quick actionable steps to light your fire and blaze trails!
  • Group Coaching: Get the ongoing support you need! Weekly lessons and Q&A will help keep you motivated and on track!

Self Mastery


Dive Deep - Down the rabbit hole and out the other side!
In this thought provoking, mind bending program, you'll discover the truth behind the veil of existence and the power that lies within you to master it!

Personal Growth

Learn how to raise the bar and live up to your potential.

Strategies & Tactics

Learn the tools you'll need and how to use them to achieve your dreams.

Mind Management

Learn how to maintain the power and focus of your mind.

Reality Mechanics

Learn the fundamentals of what reality is and how it works.

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Free Training

Kickstart your journey with a powerful lesson!

Join The

driving force movement

love conquers all

Be The Change You Wish To See In This World

Hate and division will get us nowhere. Love and unity is the ONLY way we will ever overcome the challenges we face in the world today.

  • Join The Movement: Be a part of something greater
  • Get Involved: Work to foster love and hope
  • Be The Change: Unite with people around the world

Building A Worldwide


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Get Involved With

solutions 4 humanity

It is time we become something worthy of calling ourselves "The Human Race". We have an opportunity NOW to reshape the course of human civilization. Together, we can rise from the ashes of our crumbling civilization and build a future that honours what and who WE ALL REALLY ARE.

  • Consensus Building Platform: Being designed as an online platform where we can create discussions, build a consensus between us, create action plans and, securely vote on our path forward. 
    *Not Yet Developed - Raising Funds*
  • Organizational Databasing System: This is a massive undertaking but would provide us with a society 'Operating System'...basically. This system could organize our societal operations and infrastructure utilizing the decisions we made above through the consensus builder. 
    *One Step AT A Time - The Above Needs To Start Before We Get To This*
  • A Democratic Paradigm Shift: We're at a moment in time where we have an opportunity NOW to reshape our world in OUR COLLECTIVE image - to build our world together in a manner that would suit us ALL.

    We have ALL the technology and capability to do it. We have all the resources we need. And, there are solutions already we can implement to make it a flourishing and sustainable world... All we need to do is, join the conversation, collectively, and make shit happen!


Going Circular Documentary



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